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Width What Do You Use In Euro Pinch?


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I plan on starting around 45-48mm to see what works. But as far as the measurements I have taken on my hand I think that will be good.

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I've only used an adjustable 2hp a couple times. The first time was around 46-45mm and the last time I used one it was at 54mm and I pulled 10 lbs. more. I don't know if it was due to actually getting stronger or the added width. I'll experiment and figure it out when I get mine together but the wider width felt more comfortable for me.

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It was 58mm - but having trained with 54mm for a while now I like that better (less issues with my thumb webbing).

Anything narrower just doesn't feel comfortable.

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The normal hand measurements aren't what seems to be important for the Euro. It's the "gap" between your index finger and thumb base joints that matters more and the thickness of your fingers, thumb and hand as well as the actual bone structure all contribute to what works best for you. And of course that's the whole purpose of the adjustable thickness - each person can set it to what works the best for their individual hand anatomy and strengths. It's a very fair event - hand size is negated for the most part and the weights aren't so heavy that overall body strength becomes limiting.

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