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Question about my routine

Guest Enigma

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Guest Enigma

Hello everyone. Well after combing through these boards and finding out as much as I can about how to train my grip, i set up my routine. I wanted to post it here in hopes of getting some feedback about it. Maybe some possible changes, input, anything to make my training more effective. So here goes:

Currently, i work with weights, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

After each workout, I do my grip workout.

On Mondays, I do wrist flexions, wrist extensions and ping grips. Then I do some work with my COC's.

On Wednesday, im going to start with deadlift lockouts and hold the bar for as long as I can. I will follow that with hanging from a bar for as long as I ccan. Followed by work with CoC. Also thougth about working in some weaver stick work also.

Friday, wrist flexion, wrist extensions and some CoC work.

Any input, suggestions, recommendations here? Anything would be great.

Also, whats a good number of sets to use per exercise? Reps?

Lastly, does anyone have much knowledge about the IronMind Heavy Hammer II tool? Thought about picking it up but im not familiar with it.

THanks for all your input guys! I appreciate it a lot!!


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Seems too much. Maybe you should cut it down. Let's see.

Monday : wrist flexion, pinch grip and coc. For wrist flexion, keep your reps low (5-6).

Wednesday : Deadlift lockout. As heavy as you can for 10 seconds. You want strenght first, you'll work endurance later. Forget the hang ups : if you work the lockouts hard enough, you don't need them (it's overtraining). Drop the coc on this day.

Friday : Back with the coc and some weaver stick

Everything done for 2-3 sets of 5-6 reps. For the coc, do as many singles on the toughest gripper you can close and negatives with one you don't close yet.

Keep training hard !

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