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New Bender Here


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I started day before yesterday and the reverse style seems natural to me. I live in New Zealand so we have metric nails. 150 mm 6mm diameter - thats a six inch nail

So i bent 4 in my first day - took a break from it a day and bent two today - all of them felt very easy and no bracing.

I got leather for free from a local shoe repair shop - off cuts.

One thing is I am getting some pain afterward in my hands and forearms and biceps. Its not muscular but feels deep like tendon or ligament. After the first session it hurt most of the next day but today it only hurt for about an hour after each bend. I put it down to breaking in.

I may get some lower diameter six inch nails to do some volume even though these thicker ones are easy to bend - if I did 20-30 of these I would have very serious pain tomorrow, maybe even tendinitis. So I'll get the lighter ones and build volume on those for a month or so.

I can feel that this bending is the way to go for grip. You know that feeling that something is working. I have grippers, super grippers, heavy kettlebells etc. But bending is the best.

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If you plan to do a cert red bend and beyond, I recommend that you first train with just the IM kevlar wraps. After you do the red, move on to leather.

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Yeah I wanna bend as much as possible - may I ask why the kevlar ?

Also here is my first bending vid - I find these hardware nails easy now and it doesn't hurt anymore.

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I think he was recommending the IM wraps because you have to use them if you want to cert on the IM Red Nail.

BUT! That doesn't mean you can't train any way you want. Leather, kevlar, whatever. :D If you're getting stronger, that seems like the point of training.

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I did another session today (the following day) but with my "power twister" its actually much harder than a six inch nail.

But this was a mistake to bend again so soon as I just spent 2 hours with deep, intensely aching tendons. I used kungfu "dit da jow" liniment to fix it up and its cleared now.

I think that as I do weights at the gym and heavy kettlebells and other functional stuff at home probably 1-2 bending sessions per week is sufficient for me.

But its great - I am getting results fast and can feel and see it.

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