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One-finger Lifting And Avoiding Injury

Six Barrel Shotgun

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I've always thinked One-finger lifting is very cool. But i'm afraid to injury myself in it.

My question is:

How would you recommend training this in a safe way? To avoid injuries.

Estimate your max and lift under it? Like do the sets on say 60% of max (for example) ?


I want to train this, but am afraid to get injured and danger my future grip training.

Thanks for replies guys.

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It's not a matter of if you will injure yourself but when. Even if you go slow, the problem is once you get past the mental part, 170# doesn't hurt anymore than 300# so you'll just be gambling on if your finger will hold as you try bigger and bigger weights.

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Thanks for your reply jad.

I see then that the best thing for my future grip training would be to leave this exercise out of the routine.

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