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Training Rt With Chains


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A friend of mine had a great idea for training the Rolling Thunder. He suggested I use a chain just like powerlifters do. He found a large chain, weighing 11 lbs., to train with. I only have one training day with it so far but I'm interested to see how it might help me get stronger. Let me know whether you think this is an effective training tool or not and why.


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It seems like a pretty darn good idea...and has worked well for many years in powerlifting...let us all know how you progress with it, and if you think its a valuable training technique for the RT...I will follow this thread, or do you have a log you will post in?

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Besides the delayed loading effect, It looks like you've also lengthened the pulling distance to lockout by linking the handle to a short bit of chain rather than using a loading pin. I am 5'6" and have trouble clearing the weight before lockout, so that alone may be helpful for me.

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Frank, I will keep everyone informed about my progress. I don't currently have a journal online but I may start one in the future.

xengym, the setup I use for RT lifts is one that I put together myself. When I was in college I didn't want to spend the money on a loading pin so I went to Home Depot and just walked around looking at stuff until I figured out what parts I would need to create a loading pin substitute. It has worked great over the years, especially since you can adjust the handle to any height you want. With the heavy chain attached I put the handle really low so that when I lock out the chain is off the floor entirely.

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