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Bending In The Teeth


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Was doing the weekly diesel grip challenge over at www.dieselcrew.com

This week was a table top Zottman curl. And usually us guys who are posting videos of the grip challenge try to keep it interesting by combining different feats to spice things up.

Did some bending in the teeth during the zottman curl, which I though I'd post here.

Warning. Bending in the teeth can seriously hurt them. And if you decide to emulate this in any way, be aware that you could possibly crack your teeth. I used a pretty thick single leather wrap for this, to try and even out the force to minimize the risk

Thank you

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Great video David...some really impressive stuff there...can't wait to see everyone elses submission this week.

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Awesome way to spice things up, I remember Big Steve fancied bending with his teeth and tearing decks of cards in his mouth. Great showmanship!

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I have to many dollars spent in my mouth the boss says I'm not allowed to bend stuff in my mouth anymore. She's probaly right I suppose.

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Thank you guys!

Yes this was a one time thing only. I don't plan to practice it anymore. Teeth doesn't have the ability to grow stronger, they can only grow weaker.

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Ouch! My teeth hurt just watching that : :whacked

Great video, Wigren

Thanks Mats. Last week I noticed pieces were coming off of my left bottom wisdom tooth :whacked. The dentists were able to fix it, because it was only superficial damage.

I don't know if this is the reason behind it, but I'm not gonna risk it with any more teeth bending.

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