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2011 March - Mighty Mitts - Ross Love

Ross Love

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Ok... My Arnold Write-up.

First off I wanna say this was truely an awesome experience all the way around. My first time at an expo and my first time in 6 years to compete in front of this many people... Very cool.

1. Anvil Carry - obviously I have never touched a Anvil before so I had no idea what to expect. My adrenaline was flowing big time... Higher than I can remember in years. After the first 2 competitors could not get it off the ground I decided when it was my turn to go i first wanted to touch it. After touching it I had a great sense of calming. I picked tup like a 50lb dumbell and took off running. My inexperience got the best of me. The anvil banged into the back of my calf and came out. 11'6" for 4th place. I honestly felt like with practice I'll be good for 30+ feet in no time at all.

2. Monster Axle - this was mind blowing to me... And I really don't wanna spend much time talking about it lol. I was credited with 2 good lifts... Woke up Saturday morning and my 2 reps had been taken away without explanation... In all of my years of competing in sports ive never heard of anything like this.... Ever.... Ever.... Lol ok I'm done.

Day 2 - so I knew I had to make up some serious ground just to get back to where I thought I was after day 1.

Inch dumbell carry - felt like this was gonna be my best event before I came to Columbus. Finished with a distance of 96' good for 3rd place. Very stoked.

Pinch Pull - my pinch inexperience proved again lol.. But not everyone finished the course and I did with a time of 26 seconds.. Could have possibly been faster but one of the judges told me to stop when I shouldn't have so I had to regroup and finish. I believe I was either 4th or 5th in this. Pretty cool event but next year it will be 500lb+ I'm sure.

Overall 4th place. Very happy with my performance.

I wanna thank Paul Knight for helping me with my training AND getting my foot in the door.

Also Dennis Rodgers and Pat "the human vise" are great guys and super impressive with their feats of strength.

Very cool meeting Bert and Richard Sorin.. Awesome guys.

And big thanks to Terry and Jan Todd for the invitation. Very nice meeting them and it's great what they are doing for the sport.

One last thing.... A reason why I love the sport of strongman/grip so much is the willingness to help others. Mr. Durniat helped me out a couple times this weekend and it's MUCH appreciated. Andrew is a badass on the grip scene. I'll get a chance at a rematch in 2 weeks since he will be traveling down to my neck of the woods for a highlander games comp. Lol

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Awesome Ross! Sorry to hear your 2 lifts were disallowed but you seem to have a great attitude. Now you know what to expect next year.

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Ross, good write-up. Any more insight on the two lifts being taken away?

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Good writeup, thanks. Great performance in an impressive field of competitors, Ross! (And, that was even with a couple of 'hiccups'!) :rock I'd sure like to see you in it again next year.

I'm curious about the axle issue too. Looking forward to seeing an official Mighty Mitts writeup for results and pics.

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Ross, good write-up. Any more insight on the two lifts being taken away?

Jedd I was never offered an explanation... I've just never been a part of anything like that. Typically what the judge rules, goes... New to me lol.

thanks everyone for all the encouragement... Excited to actually take some time to train grip now! Lol

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Congrats Ross!! Great performance!

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