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Record On Axle One Hand Deadlift?


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I did 105-kilos/231 lbs many years back. Matter of record.

Its strong! Original axle Ironmind? Could repeat?

Not on an IM axle. In fact I think it was done before they sold them.

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Wow, thanks mobster I didn't remember that video! It's recent too! He didn't lock it out but he got it way past his knees. He must be very close to locking it out, I hope he gets it eventually and posts it.

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I'm certainly not questioning the validity of the lift... Just making an observation here... That bar looks a bit thin. Maybe it's not but myself for example I was doing 480 x 2 with my gym axle that was supposed to be 2" and turns out it's 1.9" so I got an IM axle and that knocked me down a few pegs... Again not questioning his strength just an observation and an example from my experience. Either way it's strong.

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Who knows but if you can tell from that video can I have your eyes in the event of an accident?? :tongue

Haha again.. Not trying to discredit his lift. More or less sharing my experiences. Just erase my post. Lol

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Mr. James is one strong guy. Whatever size that bar was that sure was impressive!

An IM axle esp a new shiny one(2.00") is a a tough thing to deal with.For history's sake The original Apollon's axle was 1.90" . I think the IM axle moved to 2" to allow for machining to only have to be done on the bar ends not in the middle thus giving a nicer, more cost effective piece.

I know we have a 2" handle dumbbell here that was part of the Grip Gauntlet for years then raised in weight from 231 to 242. Tex and Rich hauled it up "like they owned it"(242lb). After the Arnolds I will have them try a single on the IM Axle. I saw Rich do 10 easy reps with a 100K on the "new" Ironmind Rolling Thunder handle so I know he has some reserve for a big pull one handed.RS

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  • 4 months later...

My modest achievements in this video from the competition.

25.55 - right hand axle 95 k

26.20 - right hand axle 105 k

26.55 - left hand axle 105 k

95 k = 209.4 lbs.

105 k = 231.5 lbs.

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Strong lifts there! And nice to see Andrey Pushkar involved in a grip contest...

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Thanks Ross, Casey, Florian!


Pushkar only recently started to train grippers, and immediately close the CoC № 3.

As he reviews his CoC № 3 is much more powerful than my calibrated Warren Tetting T6 RGC 2.9.

Pushkar very, very strong.

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