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I Finally Bent A 60d Nail Today


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I've been bending for a few weeks now, never managed to bend a 60d nail.

Today I was bored, and I haven't bent anything in over a week so I decided to give it a shot.

I bent one nail and it went easier than I thought, so I grabbed another one, then another, then a 4th and bent them.

I'm very happy about finally conquering the 60d nails I've been stuck on the past few weeks.


I used the ironmind bending pads, no chalk or anything.

I'm trying to get a blackberry on monday so I can post some videos of grip/bending stuff

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Great bends. The 60d is a milestone bend. What technique are you using to bend them?

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Congrats, the 60D is the centuries old, classic, strongman bending standard.

Those look like some nice, stout 60Ds, good job.

I would recommend to work on the crush down, and try and get them almost to parallel. This will help prepare for the grade 8s and beyond.

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Thanks guys. I appreciate it

For my technique I'm not sure what you actually call it. Double overhand I'd say. I hold it with my fingers on the underside and the back of my hands facing up. I put maybe a 1" or 2" space between my hands, I hold it about my chest level and bend it down. I've done some easier ones double underhand and with a mixed type grip, but I've been getting better results with the double overhand stuff.

Also I see a lot of videos with guys bending with it up close to their necks. I tried that but I couldn't really get it going like that, maybe I was doing something wrong, so I've been bending by just holding it in front of my chest.

So I need to be bending them further? I've done some easier ones to parallel, but I thought you only had to get them inside 2 inches, so that's what I've been aiming for, but I can start getting them to parallel.

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Outstanding Bends. I remember the first time I bent my first 60 penny nail. Long time ago but good times for sure. :mosher

Bringing those nails parallel will help get more bandg for your buck in crush strength.

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Nice work!

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I'm trying to get a phone with a good video camera today so I can start posting videos. The camera on my phone takes good pictures but not good video and it only does 30 second long videos.

I have some different 60d nails. These were easier than some others. I bent one of the hardest ones yesterday and couldn't get the second one, but my hands were killing me anyway.

I bought my bending stuff from "Anson" on here, everything I have came from his stock and he's a red nail bender.

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Yeah I'd love to do some of the grip challenges. I can manage some of the ones I've seen.

If only I can get the damn phone, I still don't have it. Ya see there's this girl at work and she gets a new phone every 6 months or so, just to keep up with new trends. Well she had a blackberry last week and she was talking about getting rid of it. So I asked here if I could buy it from her, she said that she would give it too me for free, cause she's just gonna toss it anyway. That was on friday, monday she comes in with some new smartphone, and I ask her about the blackberry and she forgot it at her house. Tuesday she says she had it in her car, but she left without giving it to me. Today (wednesday) I ask her right before she leaves and she goes "Oh yeah, it's in my car, I'll go get it now" she leaves my office, faxes 2 pieces of paper, walks out the door, gets in her car and drives off.

So either she doesn't have it, or doesn't want to give it to me anymore, or she has a memory worse than mine. So I'm crossing my fingers and hopefully I can get it tomorrow, but I'm not gonna push it after tomorrow.

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