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More Blob Fun, Clean And Press

daniel reinard

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I've been thinking about trying this all week since I received my York 50# blob 5 days ago. Not very strict but they were my first attempts and I was standing on a folding pad I use for climbing. Not very stable to stand on btw, but it gave me something to drop it on if it came to that. With some practice it will be cleaner. I tried some face lifts afterwards but only go a knat's butt air LH before dropping it. RH couldn't get it off the ground. Feels like my LH wraps better on the blob so lifts seem stronger. They sure do tear up the thumbs.

BTW, do people do face lifts on the outside or inside part? I would think the inside being more round would give a tad more friction. I stilled haven't ground the stump off of mine so I had to do the outside face.



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For face lifts, I find it much much easier to position the blob with the handle side down and non-handle side up. I plce my thumb in the center of the flat spot on the bottom and spread my fingers over the opposing edge.

Great lifts by the way.


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Right on, thanks Jedd. That's how I was trying. Felt the best but I wasn't sure until I file the stub. I'll continue to work at it that way until I get it.

Yeah I think climbing helped the finger tip strength and I have flexible thumbs and lean hands so I think I get a good wrap on it.

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