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Gss Skin Savers


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I recently ordered a set of GSS skin savers. As always, GSS provided the greatest service along with their trademark lightning-quick delivery.

The skin savers worked extremely well. I thought that they may spin on the handle, but they held perfectly. The material lets the fingers move on the handle without being too slippery with just enough cushioning to be very comfortable. Plus, the material lightly scratches your fingers which feels kind of nice and makes it that much better.

I did a few high rep sets and found that with the new skin savers that the set kept going for many additional reps. The skin savers did as advertised. Fatigue truly ended the set, not the painful discomfort of the knurling on the palms and fingers.

The test that really emphasized the effectiveness of skin savers for me was doing high volume sets with 5/8” Beef Builders. The knurling on 5/8” BB grippers is really focused into the hand with the smaller-diametered handles and the knurling on the heavier of that gripper series really bites into the skin on both the palms and fingers. The skin savers took the skin discomfort variable out of the equation. The skin savers again saved the day.

I highly recommend fellow grippers picking up a set or two of GSS skin savers. I’ll be picking up a couple of more sets myself. It’s a great way of dramatically increasing your workload without tearing up your hands. Sometimes the simplest ideas have the most dramatic effectiveness.

Thank you Wade for bringing forth this great new training tool!

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Is there any carryover of strength when not wearing them. I personally think its important to have conditioned hands that can handle the knurling.

I’ve just started working with them but I’m sure there will be a carryover. When you can add an additional 15 reps to your top set [consecutive reps- 65L/55R] without worrying about skin discomfort in the least, you know that baseline hand strength will be increasing whether using the skin savers or not. The hands have to adapt to those 15 additional reps.

Not all your gripper work has to be done with the skin savers but when you can get this kind of volume without feeling it on skin you can't beat that. The hand fatiguing was the limiting factor not the familiar feeling of raw skin.

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I forgot to mention it was only a trainer. Nevertheless. these type of high-volume sets with lighter grippers seem to work well for me.

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GREAT review! As soon as I saw them I fell in love... my hands are usually still raw from the previous workout so being able to train regardless of skin tears and tissue pain, makes this product a must-have. Buying them soon!

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