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Skin Tears


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Disinfect, then super glue. Use fine sandpaper or emory board

to smooth up rough spots from hardened glue.

Works like a champ!!!

The above suggestion is based on the assumption the piece of skin

is still attached that tore.

Better yet is to try and prevent the tears in the first place. Ask yourself

why your skin is tearing? Poor positioning? Too much volume? etc...

Correct and proceed!

Hope this helps!!!

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A healthy body heals faster - make sure your nutrition etc is all in order and you aren't run down. A little extra oil in your diet often helps you have softer more resilient skin also. If your skin is dry and splitting - extra oil and extra water will often cure it in short order.

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If you are bleeding you can use that New Skin which is superglue with an antiseptic in it.

To accelerate healing something with Zink oxide in it will help. They use that stuff on fire burn patients. Some dipper rash creams have it in it, plus it keeps your skin from drying. I use Boudreaux's brand because it worked best on my kids rashes. My skin has been holding up well with it. Just lost a chunk on my right little finger. It healed quick though.

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