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Mike "destroyer" Roy's Gym + Contest

Eric Roussin

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This past weekend I visited Mike “Destroyer” Roy’s gym, just outside of Montreal. He’s got an impressive variety of unique training tools. I was very jealous.

For those who don’t know Mike, over the years he has done many strongman shows displaying his awesome hand strength. He does many of the typical strongman feats (tearing decks of cards every which way, bending nails/spikes, ripping a tennis ball, rolling frying pans, etc.). But to me, it’s his finger tip strength that is most incredible. He showed me some of the events he’ll be featuring in a grip contest he’ll be running later this year, and I wasn’t close to being able to do any of them. All events are unique, and I hadn’t tried any of them before. What’s interesting to me about Mike is that he’s not particularly strong in the standard grip lifts that many of the people on this board can do. For example, with hubbing, pinching, and levering, he is strong, but not overly impressive. Also, while he weighed 280 lbs just a few years ago, he now weighs about 142 lbs, with not an ounce of fat on him. He is a very driven individual.

The grip strength contest he’s organizing will be part of the Toronto Pro Supershow and will take place on June 17th. It will feature cash prizes for the top three competitors. The Toronto Pro SuperShow is a bodybuilding/fitness/strongman weekend with aspirations of becoming sort of like the Canadian version of the Arnolds. I will also be helping Mike run a large pro/am armwrestling event on June 18th.

I will post information on the grip contest once I have further details.

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This is awesome. The more Grip Contests the better, regardless of what the challenges are.

Eric, do you think Mike would be interested in coming aboard running NAGS-sanctioned competitions to increase the number of qualifiers for the annual championship?

I'd love to speak with him some time, whether by email or phone. Is there any way you could hook us up?



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