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Inserting Pinch In Griptraining


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Almost embarrassed to start a new topic after our new holiness Paul certifying on the MM7 :laugh

The thing is, I was currently working solely on grippers. This will still be my primary goal but I would like

to throw some pinch work in. From what I've read, open handstrength can take it's toll on crushwork and that's not what I want.

So I thought why not do some pinching for a change. I Have a wooden pinchblock that I can hook up my loading pin. Two questions:

1 the block is around 4,5 cm thick = 1.77 inch, it's just big enough to place both my hands on. Is this a good

width to start with, or would working wider be better?

2 How's experience in working both crush and pinch in one session per few days? Do those combine?


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I think you need to do some thumb work to help hold the gripper in position when setting.

I've never worked grippers very hard myself but, I've never noticed that any one kind of training had any more affect than another on my grippers.

as for the pinch work, I would mix it up and include some wide pinch from time to time just to keep things fresh.

If you find that the pinch messes up the grippers you could do grippers first and then pinch. or, you could do them on separate days.

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I don't have any problems pinching and gripping in the same session. Thick bar work kills my grippers. But ultimately you'll have to do some experimenting and see what does what for you. When I did KTA I did thumb work on my TTK after grippers but have started doing pinch first in the workout.

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To start, I think you might want to go a little bit wider. 1.77 inch = 45 mm. Most official Euro grips are between 48 & 54 mm thick. When I started training pinch grip for the 1st time this past summer my gripper max shot up right away. It's worth a try anyway. Overall hand strength can't hurt anything. Let us know how it goes.

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Will do, thnx guys. Well, a 45 mm block is the only thing I have at hand in my shed haha. I'll look for a more thick piece of

wood and curve the edges. 45mm indeed felt a bit on the thin side, the pinch felt a bit narrow. Did 60kg's and it already slipped out

of my hands! Guess I have some work cut out for me! :upsidedwn

I'll add pinch then after my crushtraining, I want to do it in the same session, aiming at two workout gripsessions per

week combined with bench and squats. Let's see. It would nice for a change.

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First try tonight with my pinchblock now at around 60 mm.

Pinchwork is hard, but fun! Got up to 83 kg (182,98 lbs).

Filmed my 80 kg lift (176,36). I know, certainly no records, but

I felt good after this first session, as ending after grippers.

I'm looking for a pinchblock from metal, as to approach the

'Euro' pinch feeling. Don't have any weighted plates with flat surface around.

Still looking for that. Going to train hard for getting those numbers up! :mosher

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Good stuff man. My 2HP set up comes in at 70mm and carried over well to the actual Euro set up which was much thinner. (I think I was pulling at 48mm)

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