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Finger Pullups


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Hey everybody, first post here on the site, I just had a quick question about finger strength in relation to pull ups. I started training for them after my buddy matt was over, njgrip23 on the board, and just messing around I used 2 fingers on my right hand to pull my chin in between my elbow and wrist. I was wondering what grip-work you would all suggest besides finger lifts, I've slowly been adding them in to my routine to allow my fingers to adapt to the loads. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to read this and responding.


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Rock rings by Metolius have several differing size pockets for chinning, or any old hang board. These are tools used by climbers for increasing finger strength.


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What ship said. I used a climbing hang board, or finger board. Worked great, but go slow as the tendon load is greater than expected, hence the warning commenly found in the instructions. If you want to make your own build a campus board, just need some wood and screws.

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