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Plates For Gripping


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Hi Everyone,

I currently train at a commercial gym and a newcomer to the grip world. I'm doing some pinch lifts in one of my grip workouts but the plates the gym have are the rubberised octagonal type that have a small lip that runs on the edge of the plate. Obviously this provides an advantage when pinching, so would this become a hindrance at a later date? Any advice on the matter?



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Like Wannagrip said, get real plates. With the 25's you can always add more weight when you are ready using a string or a pipe.

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Don't forget to get some 10 lb. plates too try going to thrift stores

yard sales . When looking for plates keep in mind you might also

want try hub lifting look plate with a straight hub . I was lucky to find a

set oet of 25's,35's and 45's all the same brand

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Thanks guys, I'm going to have a look around and see what's available

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