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Nail Bending Dvd Review


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This is my review of the Diesel Crew's Nail Bending DVD. I started to write a review after only a little over a week. Then I edited that version a week later and have literally done that every week since then to add my thoughts and to expand on how much I'm impressed by this DVD.

Let me start off by saying that although Jedd is a good friend, if I thought the information in this DVD was only mediocre I would find a way to politely say so. Every time I review products - informational and tangible - of friends and comfortable acquaintances there is the slight chance that I will have a negative opinion of the material if I don't think it's up to par.

This review was never in danger of being negative or neutral because the material is simply top notch. Jedd Johnson is an elite bender and this DVD is all about helping people avoid all the small to major mistakes that every steel bender makes when making the transition from beginner to intermediate - and for some - to elite status.

I have been using the DVD (or rather the info it contains) since December 9th, 2010. That's about 2 days shy of 6 weeks today. I can only bend reverse now due to past shoulder injuries that won't allow me to bend DO or DU without a lot of pain. Almost more impressive than my strength gains in this relatively short time is the fact that I remain injury-free even though reverse is the style that I injured my right forearm over 3 years ago with. I'm just injury-prone with this style. But using some of the prehab and rehab exercises from the DVD has allowed me to improve my best reverse bends and avoid injury. Can't have one without the other.

Let's go over the 5 "W"s and 1 "H".

-Who will this DVD benefit? Everyone! I'm an elite bender (Fantastic Bastard DO and Modified DU, and Reverse Bastard at my best) - and have been bending for 10 years now - and I found a ton of useful information, tips, techniques, and exercises to help me reach my goal of certifying on the Red Nail - reverse style. You will find something useful to reach your goals too. Especially if you're not already an elite bender.

-What are the topics covered on the Nail Bending DVD? All the little details are covered in this DVD. From wrapping the bar to chalking the pads to marking the bar. Exercises to make you a stronger bender. Exercises to prevent and rehab bending-specific injuries. Form tips to make sure that your progress toward your goals is as linear and direct as possible for your particular abilities.

-When should you purchase this DVD? Right now! If you have bending goals, or a grip contest that has a bending event coming up, or you just want to get started bending steel and see if bending is as addictive as we all say it is. The sooner you buy the DVD, the sooner you can get started learning and getting better.

-Where can you purchase this DVD? http://thegripauthor...bending-dvd.htm

-Why should you purchase this DVD? Everything I've already mentioned. It covers all the details that other E-books might gloss over. It covers the fundamentals, intermediate techniques and tips, and will put you well on the path to becoming an elite bender. All you have to do is put in the effort and pay attention to the essentials that the DVD goes over.

The knowledge that the Nail Bending DVD imparts was gained over several years of in-the-trenches experience. This DVD distills literally years of knowledge into about 90 minutes of tightly focused material that will translate into making you a stronger/better bender - possibly THE SAME DAY you watch the DVD if you take notes and apply what you learn.

Great strength is not only learned - it's also earned. Without this DVD you will likely make many mistakes, trudge through frequent strength and technique plateaus, and suffer the occasional minor-to-serious bending-related injury on your way to becoming an elite bender.

Buy the Nail Bending DVD and put Jedd's tremendous amount of bending experience to work for you.:rock

-How do you get the most use out of this DVD once you purchase it? Sit down in a quiet room to watch the DVD. Have the remote control right beside you so that you can quickly pause specific sections of the DVD to write down tips, tactics, techniques, etc. that get your attention or pertain to your level of bending experience and ability. I wrote a lot of notes on my first viewing of the DVD. And then watched it a few more times - taking notes again. Since receiving my Nail Bending DVD I've watched it from start to finish 3 times. And have watched two sections of it nearly a dozen times since it pertains to my situation - focused on reverse bending the Red Nail for a cert with Ironmind.

I keep a bending log on the Benders Battlefield. The "before" and "after" max bends are listed here for comparison, along with some notes and dates:

11-30-10 *Notes: This entry from my bending log is the starting point - about a week before I received the Nail Bending DVD - to establish a baseline.

-270lb calibrated bar (.261"x7" DR) to 54 degrees in 7 seconds. CURRENT MAX BEND 3 hits. Ouch. This bend almost re-injured my forearm. I focused on squeezing the bar really hard and eked it out. 270lbs is my max bend and now I have my baseline. Mike Krahling also included a 300lb calibrated bar that was bent somewhere around 30 degrees that I totally failed to move even a degree (reverse) 10 minutes after this max test. That's enough evidence for me to conclude that my 270lb bar was as good as it gets for me right now.

I need to buy some bars in the 280lb to 350lb range when possible.

Can't wait to get my Bending DVD from Jedd!!!



Fast forward to 1-16-11. Bent the pictured 5/16"x7" CRS - calibrated at 385lbs by Robert Alva - to 42 degrees in 30 seconds with Steel Slayer Pads. That's a 105lb PR in 7 weeks!:cool:yikes:mosher

And finally, this successful bend convinced me that it was time to publish my Nail Bending DVD review even though I would've kept editing it each additional week to include more notes and more praise. Eric Milfeld calibrated a batch of Bastards from February of 2007 at 385lbs. Exactly what this bar was calibrated at by Robert Alva. I remember buying some Bastards from FBBC around that time so I think the 2 Bastards that I reverse bent in November of 2007 were probably the 385lbs batch. That's good news for me now since this bend is now even with my best reverse bend before injuring my right forearm. Considering all the other dings I've accumulated since then, I consider equaling that old PR to be PRing in a sense.

I think it's safe to say that I'll be utilizing the tips, tactics, techniques, and motivation from the Nail Bending DVD until I hit my goal of reverse bending a Red Nail and eventually certifying with Ironmind.


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Awesome, informative review and I am in total agreeance with you. I wrote my own review and although it wasn't as succinct as this we are definetly on the same sheet of music. It's a great product especially for less seasoned benders.


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