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De-load Week Recommendations


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I have been incorporating de-load weeks into my full body training for some time now. 3 weeks on, 1 week off to allow for my joints to heal as well as a mental break from the constant sets and reps. I have always been told, train hard and rest a lot... you dont grow in the gym, you grow while resting. I have a set routine I run through during off weeks to allow for optimum flexibility and extensibility of the muscle tissue, cardiovascular health, and preparing for the coming weeks of training (nothing to strenuous but I do make myself sweat a lot).

Now, in terms of grip training, what would a de-load week look like? I do my dexterity, extensor, IM egg work a lot but I didn't now is this volume was too low to sustain gains in strength! Should I work on light TNS grippers after I hit my grip routine (dexterity, egg, and extensor bands)? Drop the grippers completely and just hit my Titan's Telegraph key with single hand and dual hand exercises? Work on week spots such as thumb pad size and gripper sets?


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Frankly, I don't know your volume prior to the de-load. But, KTA for example, has a whole part of the program where you de-load. It's all relative to what you are used to. One man's de-load is another's high volume workout!

How about just doing some singles with a light gripper and a light version of the TTK, stretching, contrast baths, extensor work. The gripper singles will help avoid neural dumbness kicking in too bad.

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