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What Does Everyone Here Think Of Eagle Loops?


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hey everyone i just got some eagle loops and am using them to develop strength for keg tricks and some bigger forearms as a happy side effect(who doesnt want that?)

i tried using them for inverted rows/fat man pullups but was not strong enough so right now im just doing 3-4 sets of static holds with a barbell, i also am doing farmer walks and i really feel it in the fingers and wrist, im half worried i may injure my wrist if i continue with heavier weight, but in order to develop the strength im looking for im setting a goal to do a 130lb pullup with the eagle loops, also individual finger lifting. let me know what you guys think of them

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I love eagle loops! Talk about one of the best ways to strengthen the fingers, wrists, forearms, etc... farmers walks, deadlifts, pull ups, rows and especially adduction farmers walks with the loops of the straps between the fingers. You can also perform heavier adduction one arm deadlifts.. good stuff!

As far as injuries are concerned, just make sure you ease into training! As with everything else, you cant just right in and attempt to close the number three gripper. You must use progressive training to prepare the musculature for the stresses of these exercises especially the bodyweight ones. Warm up and slowly add weight! If you are not able to perform the inverted rows, try them with the eagle loops attached to some IM straps like this:

row variation

This will allow you to progressively train for this exercise! Start higher up so you are using less bodyweight, as you become stronger, move the feet so your body is on more of an angle. Do this until you are able to be completely inverted.

Good luck and have fun with those! :tongue

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