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Is Wrist Curls With Plates The Way To Go?


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I tried it with a 25lb plate & wow, it is much more effective then dumbbell curls.. & works your pinch grip & thumbs too.. I think some people focus on how much wait you can do.. I can wrist curl over 100lbs with dumbbells, but I don't get the same benefit as I do with curling with plates. Also feels more natural to me.

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There is a device called the formulator, that they have recently started to make again. Go to theformulator.biz and send them an e-mail. They are only selling them on e-bay or personal order now, but they work great for wrist curls. I'd highly recommend it. Wrist curls with plates are great exercise, but your thumb will always be the limiting factor. I have no financial disclosures for this product.

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