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Busted Hand


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Hi guys its been a while since i was on,I broke my hand about 3 months ago its never really felt the same since but i did knock the other guy clean out,i can now say im never gonna close the coc3

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I've been in boxing for 20 years and I have broken hands at least a half a dozen times. Sometimes my left feels weak or detached for months and months after a break kinda, I lose coordination in the hand and overall it feels like I have worse motor skills in the hand. It has been a couple of years since I have broken either hand now, and today I can get 3-4 reps out of a 2.5 in my right and one good rep with the 2.5 in my left. I don't know how severe your break was but you should ask your doctor about rehab for it. I still have not closed the COC #3, but I get closer each week. It is a slower progression for me than many on this board, and the prior hand injuries could be part, I am also smaller in general 5' 10" 155lbs; but I know if I don't push it too hard (if I do the back of my hand starts to hurt) and keep training regularly that I will close the #3, it may take me a few more years but I will get it. I would really suggest looking into rehab because hands have an amazing ability to bounce back, after all these are our natural tools, you'd think they would be designed to take some abuse.

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That sucks man, but I believe that maybe if you don't overdo it now and start to train very slowly again at the right time,

you will be doing the #3 close someday. Take your time man, heal up first. All the best!

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