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Grip Strength = Longer Life?


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I am not sure it applies very well. Grip is just not part of the exercise world's normal routines and therefore most people tend to have sub-par grips in general. Yeah, we should change that!

This is what I am referring to:

“Grip strength measured at younger ages also predicted mortality, but whetherwalking speed, chair rise time, and standing balance performance are associated with mortality in younger populations remains to be seen,” the authors conclude.

Well, if you were to use this logic, then the majority here when compared to "normal" will live to be 100! See what I mean? All one would have to do is get grip training to be part of what's "normal" for exercise and this statement goes out the window. Among other things.

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I imagine as you age, grip strength is one factor you could measure that is to some extent indicative of overall physical condition. I don't think grip training in itself will prolong your life though!

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I always figured that the "grip strength" predictor had something to do with being able to avoid accidents around the house when you were old. But as Bill highlighted on the article, they are saying it is a predictor in younger people. Hard to figure, but I'll take it.

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