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New Diesel Dvd

Jedd Johnson

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Hi guys.

In case you missed it, I released a new DVD on Nail Bending this week.

If you are looking for a resource to get you started in the right direction, this is it.


All the best in your training!


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I've had the Nail Bending: How to Melt Steel With Your Bare Hands DVD for about 3 weeks now and have put it to work for me in my assault on the Red Nail with the reverse style. After a few days I wrote up a very positive review. Then re-wrote that a week later to upgrade it even more. On my 3rd week of putting the excellent info to use I'm going to re-write my review yet again to include what I've learned since the first workout utilizing the techniques and tips in the Nail Bending DVD.

I first reverse bent a Bastard in late 2007 and then tweaked my right forearm on the 2nd successful reverse Bastard - also in late 2007. That was to be my best reverse bend and then after the tweak everything went downhill from there. The tweak stayed with me for about 2 full years before finally letting up enough that I could do a reverse bend here and there. Reverse has always been my weakest style of bending. But for me it is the only style of bending I can use since the other two styles (DO and DU) hurt my wrecked left shoulder too much.

I took a baseline reverse bending strength max test before starting to utilize the info from the Nail Bending DVD. I've made significant measureable progress (calibrated Drill Rod from Benders Battlefield is how I tested) in just 3 weeks. Sometimes the key to a really good review is to cut segments out and make the relay of info as concise as possible. I waver back and forth between wanting to do a very tight, concise review and instead doing a 1,000 word essay on why every bender should buy this DVD. I'll try to split the difference and do something between the two.:D

The opening video is worth the price of the DVD in terms of insane motivation. I watched that a half dozen times and got chills down my spine because the video is timed perfectly with the music choice. Jedd's intensity is epic during that reverse Red Nail bend.

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Thanks a lot Ben! I just saw this review and it blew me away again.

If you guys are looking to learn these techniques, then get the DVD.

There's plenty more on it besides technique of course, including Injury Prevention, Strengthening Exercises and more.

You won't be disappointed with this. I will have you bending using the various techniques in no time.


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