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Gabriel Sum Does 35 Parallel Reps On Coc#3


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I really want to see him get the #4. It'll be the first in the time that I've been doing grip work. Gabriel, it's awesome to see what's possible. Thanks for the video.

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i've been been having a think about this: basically i can do what Gabriel can do with the 3 with the 1.5 (don't laugh). 35 parallel reps and 16+ ish TNS reps. i can MMS my 2.5, but i am still 2mm away from CCS'ing it. the difference between a 1.5 and a 2.5 is less than a 3 and a 4. you're still working on a similar percentage, but still..

i'm bascially comparing it: for him to go to 3 to 4, it's like me going from a normal 1.5 to a mutant 2.5 or an average/low 3

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