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A Crushdown Question/challenge


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Last bending session I tried one of my easier (280ish lbs) 6” &* 5/16” grade 2 bolts and with a new PR managed to get the ends down to this far apart:


Being only mild steel, has anyone been able to fully crush one down such that the ends are touching or overlapping in the case of a slightly off-centre bend? Is it possible?

I could feel the ends touching at full crushdown but then springy apart slightly upon release. A couple of 4” & 6” leather crushdown pads wrapped around the outside of the “U” were used.

For a symmetrical bend like the above I think I'd have to “overcrush” the bolt my applying force half way up to get the thread to kink at the base to then make the ends stay touched. I’m not sure if that’s actually possible though :whacked

Comments, tips, & theories welcome


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Even with the softest steels I don't think it would be possible to get the ends to touch and stay there or overlap unless it was a longer piece and you could get the legs bent somewhat off center from one another so that you could push one leg past the other which would have to proably be done barehanded or with almost no padding.

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