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2nd Ever Bend


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As the title states, i don't train for bending, don't have nails etc. My brother gave me this metal rod (call it a nail for simplicitys sake). Its 6inches in length exactly and 6mm in diameter. No idea what type of steel it is but i wrapped it in a cloth and bent it in a U-shape pretty easily, i'm guessing my technique was nowhere near pretty, but i figured i'd just show the pics to maybe see if its an okay bend for a noob and how the stats of the rod measure up to IM nails (dont know their specifications). It was bent fully (U shape), so i'm quite pleased with myself lol.

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Cant see your Pics. 6mm is slightly under 1/4", so probably a little easier for the most part.

For a real comparison, you will need to bend a 1/4" X 6" FBBC, IM Nail or Cold rolled steel bar. Even then, they can still vary. Probably a good bend for the first one, I started with stuff around 5.5mm and it was a bit of a challenge :)

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