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Your Opinion On Climbing Peg Boards


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do you think they build alot of forearm and grip strength. and what other type of strength can you gain from it. i am always looking for ways to improve my strength for grappling.

i want to climb the board and eventually start adding weights to my waist and climb the sucker. they are hard enough to do with bodyweight. but, small goals will get me there.

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We have one at our climbing wall but it seldom gets used. Most of the regulars can do it forwards and backwards - with arms above and arms at waist - facing out is brutal though. I wouldn't say it's worthless but what it does can be trained easier in other ways. It's pretty good for training lock offs for climbing.

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A strength coach I know told me last weekend he and a partner were using the peg board to train for a 1 arm pull-up. Not sure exactly how, but they said they had freakin' long one...

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Peg boards are good to train for one arm lock offs and one arm pullups, but you can do that on a pullup bar. I don't believe you'll get much grip strength from it. You would still get a pump from the endurance aspect of the exercise and you'll get good at pullups. But that really doesn't translate to grip strength.

If you want to incorperate pullups, and variations, and also want grip strength get a climbing hang board. It will have several ways for you to grab on to do a pullup. Some have giant round holds you have to hold on to like a basketball (good for the blob?), some have pinch grips, some have 1/4" edges to work the fingers all the way to the tips. One big note with hangboards is that a rookie will tear a tendon/pulley. Work your way up slowly because tendons take much longer to recover than muscles.

I have a hangboard and love it. Being a climber it helped me build a strong hand and grip I could use. I also was able to close a #2 out of the box due to the hangboard, as it was my only hand training prior to the #2 gripper.

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i built a small peg board in my garage this weekend. i have no climbing experience, i have been doing a lot of pull ups the last several years and grip for about the last year. this peg board is tough on the upper back and the hands. i have to give climbers a ton of credit. they probably take for granted how strong they really are. i tried to do my gripper workout after messing around with the peg board and my hands were fried.

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