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Ivanko Supergripper Question


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hey, this is my first post and i am a newbie to grip work. right now i am doing hangs from a pullup bar, plate curls, and rolling weights on a rope. i wanted a gripper, and i am not concerned with certifications on the CoC. i think i want something that will allow me to progessively build up on the gripper like the ivanko will let you do. so my question is will the ivanko be what im looking for, or is there a similar type gripper made by a different company that is better? i would love to support one of the sponsors if they make a similar type product.


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If you can afford a nice gripper we have 2 sponsors here selling adjustable grippers Grippersuperstore and deathgrip that are far superior to the ivanko gripper. The ivanko has an odd feeling that I just don't like.

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thanks i will look into those. i mostly want one of these to workout my hands for golf. the vulcan looks like a very nice product but i am not sure i need or will ever use some of the features, although i must admit i don't know what some of the features are even for yet.

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If you do decide one day to excel with torsion hand grippers instead of adjustable grippers the adjustable ones such as the Baraban and either vulcan hand gripper will have the most carry over. The day I got my first gripper I put away the Ivanko as it did not feel right but some companies added knurling to the ISG so that might help. I think you will find it more motivating to train grip if you have goals such as closing higher torsion grippers like the COC #2 or #3 wheras with the ISG you can only go by spring level.

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