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Whey Power Challenge 2010


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In what might well be considered a coup for grip, grip training and grip competitions te following may be of interest:

I had a message via facebook from, of all people, Andy Bolton. Andy, it seems is keen to try out a grip competition. I mentioned the WSH series but our friendly event at Xmas seemed more of his making. So a quick check at the 18th of December is the new date for the annual Whey Consortium Power Challenge. Andy happened, as you do, to mention a quite nice number for the 2HP done around the time of the 1008lb deadlift so the grip event will be a 2HP. :D Other non-grip lifts to be announced.

More to follow.

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Not long back. Turn out a little lower than one would have liked but understandable due to the weather. Outside of Gloucester, literally the other side of the hills, it's inches thick where as here we had some settling. We still managed around 10 or so faces.

One lad squatted and managed a PB, which is what the days about. Bench saw one of my tenants, Neville, hit a 120-kilo lift and we also had the two wheel chair athletes, Kaylum and Nathan, both do what looked to be easy 60-kilo lifts. All of the lads coached by Laurence Shahlaei hit their targeted numbers. After this, and allowing a break for the big 2 hand pinch attempts to follow was pressing. On deadlifts I managed a double over hand 220-kilos rough and ready attempts. Not too bad considering I'd not done much work. Loz pulled an eazy 240kg in the same style.

Up next was the Kye Thomas and Mike Betty grudge match. Who would be the press daddy? In ended with a 127.5-kilo tie in spite of several attempts at 130-kilos for the both of them.

Finally, the two hand pinch. All lifting at 44mm. The usual array of warm ups and then Mike Betty (finished on 82-kilos), Kye Thomas (same), Harry Shahlei (not lifted in MONTHS!! 90-kilos), Carl Carney (bombed at 87kg). Then, as the saying goes, the big dogs; Laurence Shahlaei and Steve Gardener. We opened, after warm ups, with 102-kilos. Straight to 112-kilos and then a scaled 117.5-kilos (British and European record) was also successful for both athletes. Faffing around getting the scales right took a little too long and may have taken the edge of off their mutual final attempts at 120+kilos. Both got air under the weights but had to call it a day. Video of the 117.5-kilos to follow.

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