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Blob50 Difficulty?


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Hypothetical question here. I am completely new to blobs and pinching, and am interested in buying something to practice pinch. The David Horne device seems expensive right now, so I am thinking about getting the Blob, but have a couple questions to those more experienced than me. How difficult is Blob in comparison to 2 hand pinch? What I mean is, how much were you able to 2HP before deadlifting the blob? Also, is there any site where I can buy the blob, or should I purchase from one of the board members?

Thanks in advance.

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Yea, your new.

I m not sure yet if training wide helps narrow or the reverse. But you can eperiment for your self. The 2HP is flat sided wile the blob is curved both should be trained since they come up in grip venues all the time. GordenV here at the board may have a blob50 for sale pm him. And I saw a couple blobs on ebay today, fatmans matter of fact. I would also make up something for a 2HP to train that since it is very popular right now. Start of with 2x35s and some pipe or a loading pin to get you started or if you got the cash buy the real thing.


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If you start with a 50 pound blob, you are going to be very disappointed. Unless you are freakishly strong or have huge hands, you arent going to do much with it for a while. Some men can lift it right away (Jedd Johnson picked the one he bought from me right up and walked with it, having never touched one before!)but for most of us mortals, it will stay GLUED for a bit.

I would search for lighter blobs...maybe a 40, 43, or 45.

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if you want to lift the Blob id say start with a 30 pounder or 35 if your new to this and work your way up.

also you can practice pinch by trying to get two 25 lb plates with chalk one handed, then 2 35s and 2 45s

also you can try pinching 10 pound plates and see if you can get 5 plates eventually

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I think the best way to go is the heavier Blob and rig up a deloader. Then you're used to the width and feel, but just need to work on backing off the help.

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