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A Plea To Gazza

Martin Gaisser

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Hey Gazza, now that I have found out who you are and what all the talk is about I am awestruck and am pretty sure that all of the other newer guys are as well. I have never been more motoviated to get out there and push myself even harder to getting better at this sport I've grown to love. Your video's you post are pure inspiration. And I know I'm not the only one who thinks so. Since my post titled "Who is Gazza" 3 days ago that topic got 564 views!!! I would almost bet money that no other topic on this website has been viewed that much in such a short period of time. And probably most of them were after your post of those great bends. Gazza this should show you how much people think of you and admire what you've accomplished. I am asking you for me and all other benders out there to keep inspiring us either in videos or training advice. You have a level of knowledge and experience that is in no doubt unmatched by any other person alive. I hope you will seriously consider becoming active in the bending community again and continue to inspire us all for many more years to come.



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I believe Gazza is bending again. But like everything else it takes a little time to get it back. But from what I've heard he is still very VERY strong at it.

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Actually, he is active in the bending community. He still helps beginners and advanced benders alike, and like David mentioned he still bends. He's always gone out of his way to look in from time to time and see who's doing what, and offer advice and encouragement. Thanks Gary!

He also has a very artistic eye and is very talented with the camera!

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I can't tell you how much Gazza helped me out during a rough spot in my life.

His ability to deal with PAIN is astounding. He has some very

unique and effective ways of using pain against yourself or as your friend.

His knowledge he shared with me is priceless to me.

There may never be another human like Gazza. ;)

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Ok sorry for the misunderstanding guys I was going by what he said in his reply to the

Who is Gazza post where he said the last year had been tough for him and he had only done a bend here and there. If you read this Gazza would you mind giving me some contact info where I might ask you a few questions or if any of you guys are in commuication with him if you would ask him if it would be ok to pass along contact info. All info will be kept private and only shared if it is ok'd by Gazza. Thanks alot.

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.........Gazza is alive and well apart from a massive birthday hangover,he is indulging in his passion for photography and has produced some very good work,as far as bending goes all i can say is keep watching this space.....in the next yr i expect something mega........! 

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Thankyou you all for the great compliments and support it means a lot thankyou.

Its nice to see that i have helped motivate not just the expierenced here of which some have become good friends over the years but also now the newbies and beginners.

Steel bending is so unique and most people that experience it and then decide to stay with it become unique individuals themselves.

I dont/never have professed to be the best but i did try to be the best that i could be and enjoyed the journey into seeing how much my body and mind could take.

There are guys out there that have untold ammounts of knowledge on bending and steel etc that could if they wanted to share that knowledge but decide to keep it to themselves or share it amongst a few who they deam special or the choosen few which is sad really as those individuals were and did source that same information free of charge yet now you have to pay the privalidge by buying coarses and dvds etc to get information that they have been handed down for free that really peeves me off who is someone to think they are better than the next man we all shit the same and come into this world with nothing then as we grow we take in lifes learning and knowledge etc.

Im nothing special just your average joe who happened onto something that he seemed fitted him quite well even tho it was later on and who was able to use this to push his body and mind to see how far he could take his own "LIMITS" nothing more and nothing less and along the way he has learned some great things from some great people and has i hope passed these same things on that he learned freely no charge just to share and impart that free knowledge.

This is a fantastic hobby which will help built a great caractor its painfull at times but so can life be but thats when you have to keep plugging away and pushing through that head wind no matter what.

Ive been fortunate in the fact that i now have 2 great hobbies that are priceless to me bending steel and photography the photography has taken over for the time being because i felt that at the time in bending i had taken myself as far as i could various issues did not help this so i decided to persue my photography again as i enjoy being out and about and now ive decided to persue both and just see were it takes me.

Martin this past 12mths ive been very very lazy frustrated and pissed off with myself and decided to bury my head in the sand ive become quite fat for me the first time in my life and ive probably bend maybe a dozen times this past 12mths compared to daily bending thats a big difference and the few bends i have done except for the ones in plaster did not really create any fire or passion so i left it there.

Martin you can pm me any time.

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