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Bending Question

Martin Gaisser

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Did some more bending today on my KOAB and got some more bend in it. I've bent on this piece once before and put what I call a wobble in it, just a few degrees, and put just as much bend in it and maybe a little more than I did the first time today. My question is how much bend does it take for the steel to warm, cool then harden. Would the piece like I've done be hardened any with just a little bend or do you have to really get a big bend in it for this to happen? Not that I thought that I would blow through this piece, but I wouldn't mind if Carl was right :laugh. This 3/8" stuff is gonna be pretty tough I think :unsure .

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Your looking as killing that bar pretty quick like in the 2-3mins zone to put any type of heat into it but that wont alter the molecule structure like proper heat eg a blowtorch would then depending on the cooling method used and the degree of hardness the steel atready contains it would actually go harder and more brittle its only if you allowed it to cool via a proper oven etc that it would become easier but that would show signs to that effect.

This is why bolts like the g5s g8s and f911 are springy its part of how they have been heated and cooled as well as what type of steel is used.

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Your gonna need some serious movement on that baby in a short amount of time to get any noticeable amount of heating up / freeing up of the bar. When you can take a KOAB to 90+ deg in 30sec or so you will be starting to get there.

- Aaron

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There is heat tempering and then coldworking (deformation when cold). A slight wobble should not really do anything though.

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I notice a HUGE difference in horseshoes. Maybe because there is more steel so any small procentual increase will perhaps make a bigger difference in feel.

I've used this effect to a great extent in my training. And from my experience the "hardening" process doesn't stop right after the steel has cooled. It keeps getting harder over a few DAYS.

The way I've used it in my training is to take a shoe which I can bend or almost bend to 180 within 3 minutes. However I don't bend it all the way. I leave the shoe at 170 or 160 or 150 or whatever area I feel that I need to work on. And after a few days when that steel has cooled. Boy is there a difference in strength. Thereafter you just keep hitting it over and over until its past 180.

You other shoe benders can try it. Take a shoe which you know you can bend past 180 and let it cool at 140-170, and then next workout see how it feels. If you havn't tried it before you might be in for a surprise. You may even end up stumped on a shoe which you would normaly find relatively easy

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