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Don Underwood Vs. Tim Bresnan


AAA Nationals Predictions  

6 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will win tomorrow?

    • Don will win, undefeated
    • Don wins but Tim get one win
    • Tim wins undefeated
    • Tim wins but Don get one win
  2. 2. Who will win the open right hand supers?

    • Don Underwood
    • Tim Bresnan
    • Lindley Keating (I am assuming he is there?)
    • Other (???)
  3. 3. Who will win the 176 open right class tomorrow

    • Anthony Snook
    • Ron Klemba
    • Other (?)

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So Tim Bresnan won the masters class today, and Don Underwood is also there, I am guessing they will finally meet up tomorrow in the open class and settle their score (which is 1-1). Both of these guys seem stronger than ever right now. What is everybody's opinion? I think Tim will win via toproll in the strap. He will go undefeated.

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I'm going with Underwood just because he's been on a roll lately.

Both are STRONG though! Lindley could beat either one of them IF, I said

IF he would train. Not enough dedication.

Snook over Klemba but not easy.

That's my slant.

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Just heard that Ryan Commardelle beat Klemba, not sure if it was A side of B side, Ryan is STRONG but surely did not expect him to beat Ron. I also picked Snook to win, I would like to see him pull Brandon Dye and Luke Kindt, imho right now those are the top 3 in the USA in the 176 right hand class.

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