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Wrist measurements


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inspired by a recent post regarding wrist and forearm size i decided to measure myself just to see where i stood.  i ran into a problem though.  is the wrist measured directly below where the hand and arm meet, or is it down a bit over the wrist bone?  it doesn't make a huge difference, but i'd still like to know just to be consistent with everyone else.

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Measure the wrist at the top of the hand just before

that little round bone a few inches above your little

finger, so between the hand and that bone.

Measure the forearm with the wrist straight in line

with the forearm, which in turn is straight in line with

the upper arm, so outstretched arm.

Clench (make a fist) the hand but don't bend anything.

Then you can get a separate measurement by goose-

necking the forearm at a right angle to the upper arm,

and bending the wrist. This will probably give you an

increase of about ten percent larger than the first


A recent post gave 16.5" for a forearm, but I think

another post said that man claimed 20" when he

goosenecked- or about 25% increase. Very unlikely.

Many modern bodybuilders do not bother with the

first measurement, but it is the traditional one, even

though it doesn't make much sense; after all, we

measure the biceps with the forearm at a right angle,

not outstretched...

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thanks for the info roark.  following your guidlines i measured my wrist at 6.5" and my forearm at 12.5 (12.75 with a gooseneck).  i would consider this decent at best, but i'm not sure what could be considered average or impressive.

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Your forearm is 1.92 times your wrist; 2 times the

wrist is excellent, so you must have some impressive

looking forearms, though I am puzzled why you gained only

1/4" by goosenecking- are you flexing top and bottom

of the forearm?

By the way, whatever happened to Baer, the man

who claimed such huge forearms? Perhaps the moderators

could tell us if he still lurks here.

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to be completely honest, i have no clue if i'm doin it right or not.  i'm just keepin my elbow straight and crooking my wrist, and squeezin hard as #### for that extra millimeter.

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