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Wooden Rolling Handle

Jonathan R Barlow

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I was thinking about trying to make a rolling handle out of wood. I though a 4x4 could be turned on a lathe, to any desired diameter. Then drill a slightly undersized hole through it, and hammer a ball bearing in either end. Then bend/weld a handle for it. Would this work? Has anyone ever tried it? I thought it would be nice because you could have any size you want, and the wood would be easier to grip than metal (which would be good for me since I use them hanging from the ceiling)

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Sounds like a great idea to me. I know I like to make custom sized wooden pinch blocks to fit with specific training parameters and they work great for that.

- Aaron

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I think that would work great. You should post some pictures when you make them.

I know what you mean about using two of them to hang from the ceiling - I use a pair of 2" Crushers to do pullups from the rafters in my shop.

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