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Bill Piche

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Bill, I wanted to let you know how my results turned out with The KTA Program, AWESOME!!! I bought my first grippers about 13 years ago. I closed my #2 with both hands the day I got them back then. At first I had no idea what I was doing and just couldn't put them down, not a good idea, but I did make some gains and then nothing. I would get to a point where I wasn't making any gains or worst of all getting weaker. I never could figure it out. Everything I tried failed. This led me to just throwing them in the closet and forgetting about them for a few years. Every now and then I would pull them out and have a go at it again with the same results, some short gains then nothing. And then back in the closet they would go. At one point up to a little over a year ago I hadn't touched them in about 7 years, other than just letting my friends give them a try. So about a year ago I tried my hand at bending short steel and made some pretty good gains in the short time I was doing it and started back on the grippers about the last month of my bending career. Again made some pretty good gains and then, you guessed it, NOTHING. I stopped on the bending because I had a ton of stuff going on, helping my dad and brother run a business, 3 kids in diapers and one just out of them and a wife that was feeling a little neglected. So I laid it aside for awhile. Then searching the web one day looking at all the bending and gripper stuff I stumbled upon the Gripboard and joined that day. I started seeing a lot of stuff about programs and specifically The KTA Program with this huge list of success stories. So I said what the heck it can't hurt to try and ordered the ebook. After reading through the program I thought hey I think this might work. I had heard of some of the principles but had never tried any of it. So I couldn't wait to get started. After the first two or three weeks in the program I had already started seeing huge results. Grippers were getting easier hands and forearms were feeling really strong and I knew, this is going to work. Well Bill, I have fully completed the program and these are my results. Right before starting KTA I closed my #2 for about 5 reps. After completing KTA and giving myself 1 weeks rest I closed my #3 with a little wider than parallel set 3 out of 5 attempts with my right hand and 1 out of 5 with my left !!! The missed attempts were all within an 1//8 of an inch. Oh and I added 3/4 of an inch to my forearms and 1/2 of an inch to my wrists!!! I have already started back on my second round of The KTA Program and even more excited than I was the first time because now I know what The KTA Program can do. First day back and I'm grinding the handles on my COC#2.5 gripper and doing negatives with my standard handle BB PRO!!! Thanks again Bill I can never repay you for what I've got out of this program and how much it’s changed my outlook on training.


Martin Gaisser

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nice man nice, my kta is givin me the unregistered issue since i upgraded to windows 7:(

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