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Pfister And The Inch

Wade Gillingham

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Got this off the Diesel Power Forum from Steve Kirit:

Fri. night around 9:30 in Dinonick's gym,Phil took Nick's replica (which actually is 10 pounds heavier!) one arm cleaned it then pressed it. Is Henry the only guy in recent history to do this? by all standards that I know to judge by it was done correctly, with a full, controlled lockout.

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I have no difficulty believing this. I have already seen him

push press an Inch at the Arnold Classic, after a continental and leg kick to the shoulder- that was 10 months ago and I understand he has been training with one in the meantime, and he has those long hands plus

great strength. Easy for me to believe, especially if push

press instead of strict press is meant.

I am puzzled by the Inch being 10 lbs overweight- you mean 182 lbs?

Where is Dinonick's gym?

Henry is the only other man to EVER do it to my knowledge.

How much does Phil weigh these days?

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