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Bending 8" Steel Freestyle


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I've done this on very rare occasions over the years, but here lately I've really grown to enjoy it more than the 7". I mistakenly assumed it was too dangerous with a high risk potential for pec tears and that flexible shoulders were prerequisite. I say this because I have two unique afflictions that seem to prove otherwise. I tore away a pretty good sized piece of my left pec about ten years ago squatting and never had it reattached (the long story is a sore point for me). But the point is that my left pec is very sensitive to over stretching and straining and is certainly a very weak link in my chain. Secondly, I have some of the most inflexible shoulders. I am the Anti-Wigren. :lol: Standing with my back flat against the wall and stretching overhead with straight arms I am usually unable to get my hands within six inches or so of the wall. Despite all my excuses I was just able to bend an 80D 500 pound spike with no difficulty on the kink (the remainder of the bend was a different story LOL). I estimate this spike would be comparable to a 5/16" x 8" grade 8 bolt. Mike Krahling, these are the spikes we used in the braced event at The Steel Slayer Showdown.

So, I'm considering adding an 8" freestyle category to the Steel Slayers' lists. Is anyone interested in pushing their personal boundaries a bit with the longer steel? Any other insights or thoughts on the subject? Info or experiences that contradict my own observations?

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That's a great bend Eric! a 500lbs bend at 8" must be crazy!

You already know that I pesonaly would love to see a list like this. Even though I'm not unbrace bending right now. I will in the future.

So I hope that there's enough interest from the other guys to start a list.

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I played with this a while back and got up to a twist 80d and 3/8 hrs at 8 inches.

I tell you what was crazy, I tried to kink a 12 incher like David did and sweep it unbraced like he does. WOW! Man I couldn't get any power whatsoever like that.


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I used to work exclusively with 8" stock before cutting it down. That's how I progressed to the Edgin and beyond. I love bending 8" stock freestyle and I suggested a list like this some time ago. I'm all for it Eric!!!

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