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Claw Curl

don of tha new grip

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I got the claw curl over the holidays and get a good pump on my forearms. My question is on form, should my hand be in a "scooping" position or a flat "straight" positon (if that makes since) I currently use the scooping motion but feels odd :erm

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:blush startin to feel like i'm talkin to myself.

I took the claw curl and put it through my pull up bar and now I got finger tip pullups :rock

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John good luck with it I'm guessing that either way is good but i'm sure you'll see what works for you

As for the pull ups they do hurt after 3 the pain sets in, my finger tips are all red today but what i hear is that pain is weakness leaving the body :D

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I tried this piece of equipment today (thanks to a good friend sending me one of his), and I pulled up 70 pounds easy.

Don, you use it just as if you were lifting a DB off the floor. I'm thinking you'll have to go HEAVY on this just to get any benefit out of it. I'll keep you posted on my results, but yeah, I do like it! :D

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It's a device sold by IronMind where you slip your fingers into some closed loops and then lift a weight from it. Go to the website, I think they have a pic of it there.


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