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Incorporateing Grip Work With Wendler's 5/3/1


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I'm currently using 5/3/1 for my programming and training 4 days per week. Which days would you suggest that I add the grip work to? My main goals are centered around grippers and the Rolling Thunder. I would definitely say I'm a beginner with grip training as well. If I missed this while searching I apologize in advance.


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I'd work grip with the Squat and Bench days for 5/3/1. I like the 5/3/1 program. Push yourself on the final set and you will see great gains.

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I'm sorry but what is the 5/3/1 program about?


Basically you have a day dedicated to each of the following lifts: Overhead press, Deadlift, Bench Pres and Squat. Your working weight is waved up each week for 3 weeks followed by a 1 week deload. The accessory work is largely undefined and up to you to decide. My current training has me doing:

Day 1-OH Press

Day 2-Deadlift

Day 3-off

Day 4-off

Day 5-Bench Press

Day 6-Squat

Day 7-off

I squat and bench on consectutive days. Would that still be effective?

please disregard this. I had a senior moment :(

Edit: to Clarify Schedule

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Looking at your training week, I'd go with Squat and deadlift days. Probably go with high intensity low volume on squat day and high reps low intensity on DL day.

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I have had good results using it for DO axle DL instead of regular DL. Otherwise I would agree with Andrew's assessment.

- Aaron

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Thanks for the input. What's "DO" in "DO Axle DL"?

DO stands for Double Overhand. Much tougher than the typical mixed grip on DL and more grip centric

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