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Good day, I am a certified forearm junkie. First started training my ‘wanna-be’ Popeyes via san shou, pagua, chi-kung, & nan-kung martial arts training as a teenager. Beefed the ‘babies’ up some more with all those pull-ups in the USMC. Harden them up a bit more by hitting the sides of too many trees, building corners, poles, etc. back when I was still a bit young and stupid. All this has provided me with a pair of ‘rock solid’ forearms. Not much muscle mass, but extremely hard and well defined with deep cuts. My forearms always surprise people, as I am one skinny little stick weighing in at 70 kg (154 lbs.).

Now days I train my forearms four-five times a week alternating between intense and active rest workouts. Training exercises include: work on a thick handled wrist roller (5-20kg), isolated dumbbell wrist curls (uncomfortable/difficult arm positioning has been a key in developing my forearm strength), hammer leverage bar wrist curls & twists (using a modified dumbbell), dumbbell hammer curls for the ol’brachios (brachioradialis), static and dynamic isometrics, nan-kung tensioning and hardening exercises, etc.

Only problem is that my hands have always been weak in regards to crushing. Holding power no problem but my hands are tiny and I think the greatest weakness I have is in the fingers. I should note that although my hands lack crushing power they are extremely flexible which allows them to be completely crushed with little or no pain or injury. No complaint there! My handshake is severely limited by my hand’s small size and thin fingers. I Just recently (two months ago) began serious grip training. Bought Ironmind’s COC #s 1 & 2. Closed the # 1 first day, both hands. I am 'about there' in closing the #2. Less than 2mm from grinding them closed, but that final 2mm is harder than it looks! I believe it may be weakness in my ring and pinkie fingers. Inverting the handles for some change. Doing coin holds with the # 1, holding the coin between the handles for time.

How much correlation is there between Grip & Forearm Conditioning & Strength training? Any helpful advice for those with small hands would be much appreciated.

By the way, Lee Priest has a pair of real freaks but I wonder how strong his grip is. Seen some photos of him doing 40kg for reps on a thick handled wrist roller. So those forearms may have some ‘oomph’ in them. Too bad he achieved them via injections…

Are Popeyes anatomically possible?…

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Long distance Welcome! I can't pronounce half of what you've studied, but I have a favorite forearm-burning exercise: tearing phone books (or anything similar). I have to be careful of the stress on my fingers, but it burns the forearms and works the grip together. If the mood ever strikes you, give it a whirl!


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I think Brookfield mentions some muscle control exercises in his new book...I wonder if they are similar to what you have trained (I've ordered the book just waiting for its arrival)?

Anyways it sounds interesting.

As far as your question goes...I let some of the more experienced and edumecated members post on that ;)


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