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Happy Aw Amateur Wants Help!


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So I'm totally noob at armwrestling but somehow the other day at work i managed to have a match with a guy. So i just pulled my hand down and i won :blink . Then this old guy, around 45, comes and wants to have a match. But this guy pulls my wrist so that my knuckles points towards his face and starts to pull my hand down. He doesn't pull hard at all but for some reason i have lost all my power and i can't do shit! It was very frustrating and the next day i have pain in my pinkie tendons..

Anyhow these 2 matches got me thirsty for more so i decided i would train my forearms for 2 months, then ask for a rematch. Then ill try to go all out at the start before he manages to twist my wrist again.. at least that's the plan but i would like to ask you guys for advice, if you'd like to help a poor noob like me :bow

Im quite new to training, in the forearm area i can almost close CoC2 and i lift around 65kg on rolling thunder and I also have a wrist roller and a pinch block (all from ironmind). I also understand you need strong wrists for AW so i was planning to start doing some platecurls. Other than that i train 6 days a week, alternating lower and upper body (3 times each) if that has any relevance.

So if anyone could help me out, what excersizes do you guys think i should do to be 99% sure about beating that guy 2 months from now? All help is greatly appreciated, Thank you.

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The best way would of course be to train with real armwrestlers, you can find guys to train with here: http://armwrestlersnearyou.com/

Of course if you don't actually want to pursue armwrestling in the long run, just want to beat your buddy, if sounds like he is toprolling you, you need to get your wrists stronger. If you have a wrist roller, use it: http://www.brfd.org/health/wrist_roller_animated.gif

Also if you can, put a 2" pvc pipe over a pull-up bar (so the bar is in the middle of the pvc pipe) and do pull-ups and chin-ups on that. Your wrists will get a lot stronger.

Learning technique is great, but the way to do that is to find some armwrestlers that you can go and train with. Good luck.

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If you only have 2 weeks, then it's technique you need to work on. I train twice a week.

It's 2 months, i figured it would suffice to make me stronger than him, though I'm not sure how strong he is since he won on technique. He said he used to carry 50kg in each hand at 3am in the morning...

Thanks for the armwrestlers link, it might be helpful though the closest one is 70km from here. I was thinking trying on my dad for now. Also is it ok to do sparring in AW till the day of my match or should i get some break, considering im still sore in the tendons from my 30 second match last week?

Lastly can i train my wrists every day or do i need a days rest in between? As i posted earlier for now i do wristrolls, rolling thunder and pinch grip block and i want to add wristcurls (mainly in the direction you do handshake) and maybe also grip training. Can i do them all every day, or like wrist+grip one day and fingers+pinch the other? Thank you

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I would say you can do wrist curls every day as long as you're not in a lot of pain, if you're wrists and forearms are killing you then you're training too hard. Don't armwrestle for at least 10 days before arwmrestling match.

I have driven as far at 175km to practice (each way) on several occasions.

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2 Key exercises I would recommend you keep up or get into are Pull ups and Plate Curls/Plate Wrist Curls, these can be done on a every other day basis, but just keep in mind, you need to AW. That is THE best way to get good, so if some table time arises take it.

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I think he beat you like this:

Then you need to get his vrist before he gets yours. Train wrists. I practiced armwrestling in the cablemachine by putting a bench beneth it and drag it so you have your elbow on the bench and then just armwrestle with the cable. You can choose resistance, but it's not really like real armwrestling, but it still works quite well.

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