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Metroplex Mayhem At Metroflex 2


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                   Euro Gripper Axle Medley Total
1)Ryan Johnson 201.4 180 380 216 841.4
2)Eric Milfeld 214.8 157 345 224 815.4
3)Paul Knight 206.9 172 350 200 805.5
4)Kevin Emery 201.9 157 300 176 732.0
5)Cody Musselwhite 172.9 141 305 200 708.7
6)Casey Emery 175.9 157 290 168 693.0
7)Chris Hunt 183.0 155 310 152 691.5
8)Mark Desouza 199.4 141 325 144 689.2
9)Alex Graves 162.0 137 290 152 637.1
10)Bryan Randell 135.8 112 255 88 496.9
11)Brandon Caldwell 140.3 112 235 72 475.4
12)Sherrie Wheeler 101.5 54 160 80 331.7

Pinch: Eric Milfeld 214.8
Grippers: Ryan Johnson 180
Axle: Ryan Johnson 380
Medley: Eric Milfeld 224

Note: Axle weights are not calibrated.

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I see Ryan still did not pull 400 on the axle... :P

Great job guys.

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Congrats to everyone!!!

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Waiting. Bad. Numbers. Good. happy.gif


I'd not realized at the time what a battle it was between Casey, Chris and Mark. It really did go back and forth with them all day. Eric knocked out that 214.8 Euro right off the bat and we just watched as everyone commenced to taking shots at him from then on, to no avail. :)

Paul and Ryan went at it on grippers (and trash talk!) - I've watched Ryan's gripper level shoot up this year but Paul is of course always daunting in that event. That was fun to watch.

Kevin was intimidating as usual and Cody? Where did he come from?? Joe's got one strong son there! I think he surprised a lot of people with his performance - if he got his grip, the lift itself looked absolutely effortless. Alex always brings his A game/intensity, and Bryan and Brandon gave really great efforts all day. I just had an excellent time cheering everyone on. I'm curious to see other writeups/vids to see what I didn't pick up on.

Btw, to clarify, they were very generous in letting me two-hand the one-hand pinch/support grip lifts in the medley. I think I got at least twice as many items because of it but it made the medley a lot more interesting and fun so thanks very much for that! [i'm all about heads-up competition but since it didn't matter to the standings anyway rolleyes.gif , I was happy for the chance to have a go at more.] Paul and Eric were very accommodating in including a few items that were at my level too which I really appreciated. My first medley and I'm hooked!

Congratulations to Ryan for the win and everyone for a great comp!

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Just out of curiosity... was Paul having an off day with grippers or something? Does the 172 means he closed a gripper calibrated at 172? "only" 172 for him? :ohmy

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