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No Set #2 For A Few Reps?


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Good squeezing there Puller!

Thanks for sharing your progress.

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nice work, i'm guessing by the overcrush that you could probably take down something bigger.

why not indeed! i'm in the sub #3 club, i dont mind admitting that i can't even own my hard #2 at the mo (which is much tougher than other 2's and RB180's i've squeezed). my relationship with grippers was soured a little when i destroyed my middle finger in a snow boarding accident last spring.

i'm left handed (which aint perfect for grippers) but my right is atleast on par with my left now, so i have pretty even crushing power left/right.

My hard #2 will fall to both hands soon :upsidedwn

we need posts like this folks - most of us were born of this world and started life with very little power. although it's cool to see the beasts among us tns a #4, whilst strict pressing the inch, we are not all of this standard. not yet anyway...

progress is always applauded in my book. thanks for sharing puller. :rock

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Good close! What's the size of your hand? How long have you been training for this and how did you train for this? My hands are a bit smaller. I can't get my pinky around the handles like you did in the video :whacked

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Wow, thanks everyone! My hand is just a little over 8". I've been training grippers for less than a year, and I used to have a routine I would fallow, but now I just crush on them, now and then. Max rep stuff, and negatives. I never do more than 2-3 reps with over crush. I say, if you can do more than 5-8 reps with a weight, it's time to get something stronger to work with. But this is just me. I feel I do well with max rep and rest. I never go for high reps. I hate doing high reps. I've done over about 160 reps on a store bought gripper, and maybe 15-25 reps on my #2? I think I have a hard #2, because my buddies was super easy to close. Maybe mine is regular, and his was just really weak. Who knows. I do know that my #3 is ridiculously hard. I think it has a 3" spread. There's a pick on here, somewhere.

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I don't have a 2.5. Just a 2 and 3. I want to make the same jump that people did before the 2.5. Don't even have access to one :)

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