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What Is The Opposite Of The Crush?


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All this crushing and gripping is great but it seems it is one-directional. I train to close my hand with hundreds of pounds of pressure but don't train to open my hand against resistance at all. Is there a name for this movement? "Anti-crush"? Does anyone train this? If so, how? I am wondering if more balanced development in the grip would help the crush?

BTW, if this is covered in Brookfield's books then I will get them. One good thing about all this gripping: I can wring out a cloth to be bone dry ;).

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Irond Mind sells the (Outer Limits Loops) I have them,they are great.

You can also use rubber bands doubled up. You are work'n the Extensors of the forearms,it helps yer whole hand in strength.

"GOD IS THE REAL POWER" Tommy........

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Extending the hand in a bucket of sand is still a personal favorite. It causes a burn in the extensors that I can't get with anyother extensor excercises. It's also a great "active recovery" technique, as you can vary the intensity by how hard your press your hand into the sand.

(My girl friend would also note that the sand takes care of all the torn-up calusus from gripper training and steel bending.) :blush

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Get a bucket of sand (start with sand first), and with your fingertips all together, push them DEEP into the bucket. Then spread your fingers while still in the sand. Pull your hand out while still in that position! :yikes Then switch hands and do the other one. When you can do many like this - add water to the sand. Wet sand is TOUGH! Work your way up to gravel. Cover your fingertips in tape or something like that, or else you'll get a "manicure" the hard way! :laugh

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