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2 days ago, I bended my first 60d!!!!!!

I showed a mate a package of small nails I bended. he looked at the package of 60d nails (not bended) and he said, whoa, I bet you have to be damn strong to bend those...

I told him I prolly wouldn't bend those nails in the near future.. In 6 months- 1 year, I might have a chance...

Well anyway, he left my place, and I looked at the package of nails, I thought, what the heck, let's give it a try... and the unbelievable happend... I BENDED THE DAMN THING! woohoooo!!

It felt great!! was like a rush when I started the bend! :)

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Good job Joske! An often overlooked aspect of bending is getting the feel for doing it. By bending the small nails you developed that feel and transfered it over to the bigger nail.

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Awsome. Way to go, brother. Just this morning I bought 50 more 60D's from Lowes hardware, that feeling of bending a 60D never goes away.

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Joske, great work! I've never tried much in the way of nails, but you have definitely inspired me to start.

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It's a great feeling when you get the initial 'feel' that you know the bend is going DOWN! It's like a 'pop'; that 'give' in the material and then it's a smile, a squeeze and a bigger smile....and then you know you're going to hit the finish line.

No matter what diameter or material it is.....if it's a victory in your next step..it feels real good. Sounds like you are hooked. Great job on the 60d.

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