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Twisting Training


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Guest CalvinP

wrist roller action is when your wrist is perdendicular (90 degree) to the roller bar. Twisting action is when the bar's angle is less than that, like 45 degree or less, or near in a straigth line with your forearm. they seemed identical but it's not the same. A friend of mine who beats me armwrestling easily. but he can not do a 2" vertical bar lift better than me, in fact I lift more than he does by far, and he outweighed me by 30 pounds with longer hands. i can't answer why, since he can do 25 # plate curl with ease! and I can't. But I know for sure when the bar is almost inlined with my forearm, my arm is stronger than his. Can someone answer this?

This confirms my theory: The hand and forearm are still a mystery when it comes to strength N power, no one quite knows the limit of them yet!

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Brookfield's tip of the month re: towel twisting might be good. The other one is the idea we talked about months ago after discussing how brick layers usually have big knotty muscles in the forearm near the elbow. Getting a trowel and stirring a pail of sand might help as well.


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Thanks for the ideas guys, will try a few of these out.

Also, on reflection, I think mikebyoung is mostly right - I have my homemmade wrist wroller supported in power rack (i.e. don't have to hold it up as well as roll it), so I think if I just turn my forearm so it is parallel to the roller instead of perpendicular, will get the action I want.



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More ideas:

Nautilus used to make a pronator/supinator apparatus

that would suit your search perfectly. Good luck on finding

one though!

Stand to the side of the wrist roller machine, and using

one hand at a time (after the stack is clear of the floor)

use a twisting motion to yo-yo the stack. So your arm and

the roller will be forming a 'V' angle, rather than perpendicular.

Grasp a 2" bar or pipe on one end while a friend grabs the

other end. Twist in opposite directions- as an exercise- not as a contest.

Take the pin used in a power rack, be seated on a bench,

and 'baton' twirl the pin up and down in an arc- find the

spot on the pin where this is difficult- obviously the more

off center, the harder.

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Twisting Leverage Bar Training!

Use Ironmind's Hammer II Leverage Bar or a modified dumbbell. Hold the bar in the thumb's up postion as if holding a hammer. Instead of tipping the bar forward and back, twist the wrist. Eg.: Turn the wrist to the left til it hurts. Hold. Turn back to mid-line and then back again. Next set turn your wrist to the right til it hurts. Hold. And so on. Use a light weight until you master the technique. You cna even use light dumbbells so you can get the feel of the movement.

:rock Now you are ready to add another wrist motion while twisting your wrist to the left or right. Circle your wrist in an arc as you twist it away and bring it back to the starting position. Wow what a burn. :inno But please be careful you can burnout quickly and cause severe tendon damage. Best technique is slow and controlled. This exercise is not meant for high reps but for conditioning of the weaker parts of the forearm supinators, flexors, extensors, etc.

I usually place my forearms on my upper leg and knee for support while sitting in a chair or place them on a top of flat surface at chest level height. Good luck!

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Dan, what I use is exactly what you are asking. I drilled a small hole in my work bench and use a very small screwdriver to screw and unscrew a very long screw. I get a nice burn from doing this. I also use a small ratchet with a long bolt. When it becomes easy, just drill another small hole. Hope this helps.

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Lifeline-USA (known for their cables for training) has something very similar to the twist o grip that Mr. Snott has a link to get to. Also, Armwrestling.com had an aparatus that had large handles opposed to each others that you twist agianst each other and it used to come in different strength settings. I'm sorry for not having a link. They don't have it on their site anymore.

Speaking of Armwrestling.com, there is a nice story about the 57th CoC, Jean Smeers.

Try this link.


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I haven't tried this yet but I think this would work for you. Pulling cut nails. Brookfield wrote about it in MOHS. You would have to twist the nail as well as pull. This would also work your thumb.


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