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Bill Piche

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The T-shirt in the back ground of: The Motor. (forearm photo )was purely a coincidence..the gym sells them.

The circulatory thing was sort of a joke.When i wrote the caption it was followed by a "LOL."

At 265 he is hardly bodybuilder lean but his forearms and his quads(his second strongest body part)have veins like garden hoses in them.

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Josh seems to be the opposite to me. He has long forearms and short upper arms. I have very short forearms inspite of a reach of over 77". I do not know if any of this is significant. :D

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I have a reach of approximately 78 inches with 7 3/4 inch hands. I have very long arms which help me a lot in the deadlift but kills me in the bench. My forearms are also long compared.

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I spoke with Josh at the Snowman. At the risk of this

being misunderstood, he is the opposite persona to

Sir Snott and mobsterone. Josh is unassuming, not self-

promoting, and could not care less if Tom or anyone else

affords him publicity.

Which is not to say he does not want his place in the

scheme of strength things, just that his approach is

different. (Snott & Mob: not better, just different)

He closed AnimalCage's #3

Keep in mind Josh is a 'newbie'!

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If its not better just different why bother posting? I fail to see the reasoning without possibly promoting a misunderstanding. Please feel free to fully explain why and or what the purpose of the posting was.

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I was hoping you would not misunderstand what I wrote-

or perhaps my unskilled writing was at fault. I hope you lift

the MB next week, and I hope you succeed with your

other lifts- did not intend any hard feelings. But it seems

you and Snott are on the other end of the continuum from

Josh- keep in mind Tom posts about Josh, not necessaily

FOR him.

But as to why post- are you implying that only those who

share your extrovertedness should post or be posted about? Heath would be a phantom in that case, as would


If Josh hears about this post, I suspect he will not be

upset, with being accurately described as low-key. You

have described yourself in various thick-bar-daddy ways,

and all I meant was that people vary in their presentations.

I apologize if this offends you; I thought it was accurate,

not rude.

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Joe we are all different and yet I too have read of Josh's modesty. I beleive it too. I suspect, based on that beleive, that you are right in saying he would be just as unassuming as always. He may even laugh at my lack of modesty. Such is life.

I only offer the following as I have before. What I do and when I do it, if it is worthy (shutting a No 3, etc) I am proud of. Forgive me my pride and braggado. Ask me not to change the smle on my face and the happiness I get when successful and for enjoying the little praise I recieve.

And please don't feel the need to 'create misunderstandings'. Providing I don't lie and am happy to provide proof as per the rules, providing I don't insult, allow me my little yell of 'yippee - look what I have done'. Blimey I don't get to marry your first born for the feats, such as they are.

I DO NOT suggest that only those that shout be heard. But I still ask why, if indeed accuracy is the excuse, you didn't mention that the sky is blue etc. Again what was the inference? Why make the statement at all? Syber and I shout and holler (mind u I don't ask u all to bow don and offer me all your worldly belongings and when Syber does I see the toungue in cheek - am I the only one?). Josh does not. Most here know that and do not need to be reminded. What was the purpose?

Complete the following 'and some have greatness thrust upon them...'

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I wouldn't have you any other way, Mobster! You cannot

be Josh; he cannot be you; I cannot be either of you. We

are what we are.

And Snott- I am the one who crowned him Sir Snott, if

memory serves.

The purpose, which I thought was obvious, was to point out differences of style, and not ascribe merit, or de-merit.

Anyway, I will speak no more of this, nor of the blue sky.

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You are correct he is very modest and relatively quiet.He knows I post his work outs and obviously knows about the photos.

For lack of a better(and much overused term)"he doesn't know his own strength"...

I have printed out some of my posts and the responses to them.He just grinned..didn't laugh...and said"It'll be a year or two before i'm strong".....he has found some comments motivating....in a good way.

On the other hand his modesty is for several reasons.I)His uncles ARE larger than him and have bigger hands.(I've been around a lot of large people,i'm 260lbs,i am a no holds barred fighting" fan",statistics and trivia junkie, and i still grapple with some locals and spar with 2002 Iowa state Golden Gloves Champ Stacey Wigert))His UNCLE Joe is one of the scariest humans I've ever .Real nice nice guy though....I'm trying to get him into heavy training and grip also....

II)Sean McCabe( snail mailed you a photo of Sean,you've got the photos) works out in the area and has a big Rolling Thunder and picked up Josh's 180 solid like it was an empty bar.

III.)Mike Dean(snail mailed you a photo of Mike and there is a photo of him in Dec.98 issue of Milo) shows up at the gym once in awhile,he is 6'2"400,rarely works out, and also has picked up a huge Rolling Thunder(first and only try) and also picked up the 180 2 3/8"sold Dumbell easily.

IV.)this IS all NEW to him,frankly he doesn't realize that he has done a few cool things(the closure of the #3 and the 172 INCH lift..all he know is he failed at the MILLENIUM) so he figures it'll take time before he makes his mark....

SO....He sees his UNCLES and Sean and Mike and just figures(as i do)there has got to be more "creatures"out there...sort of like...."who am i to think that I'm strong"

Somebody wanted to do a story of him and get pics and send them in to MILO(face it we've seen less exciting athletes featured in there)and he said lets wait a year or two and "see if i accomplish anything..."

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