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Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone owns the CoC Key: Miles to Mils? And if anyone does, do they find it useful? Thanks for any input

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I asked this same question about 6 months ago, (http://www.gripboard.com/index.php?showtopic=31792&st=0&p=437783entry437783) I was going to get one but decided against it as like its been said already, if its not closed, its not closed. I thought it would have been an advantage originally, as I thought it would be a good way to practice overcrushes on a gripper I had not yet mastered. For example, if you can close the gripper till its about 6mm short of being closed, but you can use the key to crush down on the handles with say 10mm distance, and overcrush it like you would with a gripper you have already mastered.

Even though I havent implemented it, this is a much better idea that was suggested to me - http://www.gripboard.com/index.php?showtopic=25275.

I was also given the idea of rather than shelling out £15-£20 (Im in the UK) for a coc key, take a short piece of dowel, or 1x1 timber and cut them down into shorther lengths, say 20mm, 18mm, all the way down to about 5mm, by which time you can put a few washers together. Its the same concept but much cheaper. For the magnet idea (Its all laid out in the other thread), I quickly noticed a pack of 100 small fridge magnets (well, no badge, just the magnet) that were 12mm x 3mm for £3.00, postage included. Hell of alot cheaper than the key!

Hope that helps.



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I got it a few months ago to make sure I was using the same set, but I found it a waste because I became pretty good at eyeballing it.

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