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Gripper Machine - The Superstore

Bill Piche

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This forum is now open for feedback on the Gripper SuperStore and let me start by re-stating that those who want a grip machine to go beyond the range, then the Gripper SuperStore has it.


Just a "Super" price at the SuperStore!

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GSS Negative Machine from Gripper Superstore (GSS)

I ordered the Negative Machine and it was sent USPS Priority mail and was sitting on my door step in 3 days. Not bad when you're talking a bit over 900 miles from Minnesota to Ohio!! Mind you, this is the first time I have ordered from GSS, so my first impression was good. Anyway the machine was tucked away in lots of packing material to prevent any in transit damage. The machine has three basic parts to it: the C-shaped base ;the vertical tower (with the handles and chain attached) and the loading pin.

The assembly was simple: just 2 heavy duty bolts to attach the tower to the base and you are in business! The entire unit (with loading pin) weighed in at 19.18 pounds. It actually feels heavier because it is built so solid. The welds were very good, and the edges were ground down so there were no sharp burrs. The powder coat was smooth and had a nice black gloss finish and the movement with the lower negative handle was great. Finally, the attachment chain and loading pin worked well for Standard or Olympic plates. As far as what this machine was designed for (doing negatives), it is awesome! It really will put a load on the forearms!!

The GSS Negative Machine is well worth the purchase. I would highly recommend this machine to anyone serious about grip training. Please view all photos in my profile.

One last item: exceptional customer service is key when determining if I will come back and be a repeat customer of any company. GSS has excellent customer service and support: For example, I came across a slight issue when I first received the Negative Machine, and when I contacted GSS they immediately apologized and promptly corrected the issue. This is the first time I have ever ordered from GSS and I can assure you it will not be the last! Great customer service and a great customer experience along with a superior product that does what it claims it will do!

Thank you GSS!! :mosher

PHOTOS are in my gallery:


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haha i got my negative machine for christmas to and its amazing, its now my favourite grip tool tho ive only done one workout using with it so far its amazing, easy to adjust, and easy to get a nice set for your negatives, best grip tool ive ever used

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